Have you ever had a feeling that just won't go away? Ever wanted to do something but then you let your doubts stop you? I spent the last 20 years of my life wanting to build things out of metal. Shape it, weld it, make it into something and maybe even sell that product. I didn't even try for the longest time as I simply thought there was some magic to it that was beyond me. The skills needed for welding would always be beyond me as far as I was concerned. The trouble with self-doubt is it gives you the perfect excuse not to try anything.


 I launched Metal Machine a few years ago to start the learning process  but got sidetracked by jewellery from America. The stainless steel jewellery wasn't where I wanted to go,  I wanted to make things but I listened to the wrong people and got involved with that. That had its time but after being let down by a business partner and then not being able to salvage the damage done I had to move on. The only way you can really grow in life is by listening to your doubts but not being led by them. So after my dalliance with the jewellery world I decided it was time to buy a welder and see if I could learn how to use it.


 I make very simple stoves from wheel rims and people laughed at the simplicity but they only laughed at me until they saw how many I sold. Then the old guard said that they were amazed that people wanted them. I now make everything from furniture  to wood burning stoves so i guess from simple beginnings ive proved the point that you can learn and make things if you work at it.


This isnt about the money although i paid for my welder and all my tools from the money i have made, it's about my search for something to do with my hands other than getting into the trouble I've been in for years. Now I have a son and a wife I'd like to think I could pass something down the line and maybe even make enough metal products to help my family live a better life alongside the tattoo shop I'm a partner in.


 Many of you want to be able to fix your own bikes or even make parts or just weld well enough to make sure that if a bracket breaks you can fix it. If you keep saying you can't do it how will you know if you can? I had one lesson from a man who can weld and from there I moved on to making the wheel stoves and now all the differing projects that cross my work bench. My welding is far from perfect but it's doing the job and I will get better equipment when I can afford it and keep pushing myself.


Don't say you want to do something  but you can't! The truth is you can try to, it may not work out as you wanted but you can always find something you are good at and build up from there i did!


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Everything hand made from predominantly reclaimed materials from fittings to furniture. Mig welding and hand making every item is what drives me.

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